Ethical Technology Outsourcing

Software development, tech outsourcing, and support services offered in English and German.

Ethical Technology Outsourcing

Leverage Africa’s elite senior talent for remote team building, MVP development, team expansion, or back office support.

Ethical Technology Outsourcing

We create enduring teams by providing full-time roles and accommodating them in our development centers.




We provide a comprehensive suite of technology outsourcing services that can accelerate your business

We are a software development, Technology Outsourcing and Digital Agency with our Sales and Project Management offices in Switzerland and Germany and our Technology, Design and Operations centers in Windhoek and Ghana.


Extend a Team, Build a Dedicated Team, Rapidly deliver an MVP or PoC.


Website, eCommerce, Apps and Custom builds, Social Media and Newsletter Campaigns, Graphics UI/UX.


Managed IT & Monitoring, Digitisation, AI & Data Services, Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing.

Our Services Landscape


Empowering Diverse Teams for Efficient Problem Solving

We believe in the power of collaboration – both with you as a client and between all our technical staff. To enable this collaboration we host most of our staff at our Windhoek Technology Center – where many a game of table soccer can be played!

Vetted Engineers

We ensure value through thorough assessments in language, professionalism, and technical skills prior to talent pool inclusion.

Ongoing Training

We actively engage with local and international universities and organizations to stay updated on emerging developments.


We encourage and support our team members to obtain and maintain the latest certifications in their areas of expertise and/or interest.

Strong Team Support

We foster diverse, inclusive teams with varied experiences and perspectives for efficient problem-solving.

Blending Tech Excellence with Social Impact through Adaire Academy

Adaire transcends traditional tech service boundaries as a social impact pioneer, leveraging technology to address real-world challenges beyond the tech sphere. Our commitment extends through Adaire Academy, an affiliated entity dedicated to empowering African early and mid-career professionals with tech skills, facilitating their integration into the global tech landscape.

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Our Client Testimonials


We were pleased at the security available to secure our data, the pending privacy laws that are closely aligned to GDPR, and the diligence of the staff working with sensitive medical records. The solution to use services in Namibia and Adaire in particular is highly recommended.


Christoph Münch

CEO, Ambulanzpartner Soziotechnologie, Germany


Our experience has been very positive…it was a very specific technology project. The major benefit was the same timezone when compared to teams that are working in for example Asia or S. America. The technical skills and customer responsiveness was really good. So overall, yes, I would definitely try another project.


Steve Hinske

CEO & Co Founder, Smartest, Zürich, Switzerland