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Our Innovations

We seek to provide cutting edge and innovative products/solutions that are increasingly critical in todays digitizing world and with particular relevance to the countries where we are based.

F*rge is the second pillar to our strategy to unleash African Technology Talent into the global Technology Talent Market. To create more reach and increase our scale, F*rge is our entry into the competitive world of Freelancer Talent platforms, with a focus on the same pool of talent that currently is invisible, yet with much they can contribute.


The world is full of analogue data screaming to be digitized where OCR is insufficient. From unintelligible handwriting on medical questionnaires to low resolution scans of educational records, Machine Learning techniques can be applied to digitize data using rules inherent in the content. Adaire’s b*OCR product seeks to automate the digitization of analogue material in such scenarios.